Discover The Causing Factors Of Borderline Personality Disorder Abandonment

Published: 12th October 2010
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Is Borderline Personality Disorder Abandonment a mystery to you and attempting to grasp its triggering factors?

To get started with, BPD is a mental disease which signifies that it is caused by the hindering ways we see and interpret ourselves and other people.

And much of these perception patterns are gathered from important other persons like our parents, caregivers, teachers, lovers, friends, or superiors.

We are usually unaware of these interpretation patterns because we learn them unconsciously from others.

This also signifies by the way that they can be replaced using the same process of learning and habit creation.

Now let's move further to the determining reasons of borderline personality disorder abandonment.

In BPD, presumably the fundamental motive concerning its causes is represented by specific depreciative early life encounters.

When we born we come to this world with a number of core affective and cognitive needs which nature made us to depend on our parents or caregivers to be met.

Such needs are care, love, affection, respect, and bonding.

Now not all of us did born in ideal families, which means that when these needs are not satisfied for long time periods, the child assumes unawarely that he or she is an worthless individual and it is very probable for other people to behave similarly with him as his or her parents or caregivers.

Which leads to the sentiment of abandonment, which is in fact a desertion of his or her emotional and mental needs.

So because this abandonment came up in a relationship with other important persons, it will manifest in relationships and interactions with other important people.

For instance, a BPD sufferer with abandonment angst will be needy and humble at one instance, than raving, insulting, and rejecting the next.

Why somebody who is afraid of being left alone will behave in such ways that will make others do just that?

The ground is that BPD sufferers are extremely sensible to any small things, behaviors, and signs that could indicate abandonment from others. Therefore when this becomes a certainty in the sufferer's mind, despite the fact that in reality it isn't, they are facts which validate his/her logic for being afraid of abandonment.

Which is insupportable, resulting in the surprising disposition twists and impulsive comportments.

Considering that oftenly the deduction of abandonment isn't supported in reality, it signifies that the tendency to draw such conclusions is acquired through learning. And it can be supplanted with new adaptive and helping dispositions through learning and repetition.

For example, next time when you will perceive desertion or punishment from a loved person of yours, stop for a moment and set out to appraise if your conclusion is is realistic. You'll most likely learn that the other one was looking to point out or to discuss something with you.

Learn to perceive things from others' perspectivetoo and before long you will learn that not everyone is searching to harm you.

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And if you want to learn more about BPD, go here: Borderline Personality Disorder Abandonment.

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